As a new law is passed in Michigan wherein car insurance cost is mandated to be cheap, it does not mean that the unlimited medical coverage will be scrapped all the way. In fact, according to several legislators, the price of unlimited medical coverage could even go down to 10% from the original price. Since 1973, Michigan drivers have no choice what kind of health-related accident coverage they could choose from.

But this old law has been amended to a new one where motorists are given the leverage what to add on their car insurance premiums pertaining to the health-related accident. The move ended Michigan’s status as the sole state to require motorists to buy unlimited medical coverage. The effect of this is that motorists no longer have to pay for expensive car insurance rates and will have the choice to modify their premium to a lower but still competitive package.

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Expectations Of This Law!

With the passage of this law, Michigan is expected to have a decline in the unlimited coverage in the future. The reason for this is that it is no longer mandatory for them to have such pricey insurance. But the good news is, it does not only guarantee Michigan residents of a 10% drop in the price, but agents will no longer require buyers to pay unlimited health coverage options, they will instead ask the insurers what health benefits they would like to avail for their package, it will be the insurers who will have the final say.

Nevertheless, Executive Director of Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association Kevin Clinton says that the unlimited coverage option will still be available and will likely be cheaper than before. It is up to the insurer whether he or she will get this option or not. The only assurance is that on top of the unlimited health coverage, other benefits such as personal insurance is still there.

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