Drivers like us need to pay our monthly premiums for car insurance. The law requires us to do so. It’s to keep our roads safe and secure. If ever you get into an accident, you want to be able to claim the insurance that you paid for. Unfortunately, some circumstances make the payout delayed, or, even worse, your claim gets rejected. Having insurance and being prompt in paying doesn’t mean that you sure are going to get the money. There are systems in place to make sure our claims are legitimate.

So what do you do if your claim gets rejected? Don’t worry. In this article, we are going to tackle several reasons why instance claims get denied and how you can avoid this from happening. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Not having your premiums

Make sure you are paying your dividends on time. Usually, providers run a background check to see your credit records. It doesn’t matter if you’re credit score is clean. If you’re not actually paying your premiums, you have nothing to claim. Your credit score will also be tarnished by this.

Making a mystery driver drive

When applying for car insurance the company is going to cover specific drivers. Now unless you have other specific drivers using your vehicle, you are the only driver that is included and allowed to make a claim. If someone other than you is driving the car during the accident, it’s likely that your request will be rejected.

Your car isn’t good for the road

Companies favor applicants who have a car that’s in good working condition. If you have neglected care for your vehicle and the insurance company finds out, you will have trouble making the claim. Make sure your car is always in top shape when you go out for a drive. Good car care is both for your safety and making claims easier.

Intentional reckless driving

Some insurance companies have a clause included in the contract tackling failure to follow traffic regulations. Although some providers may be more forgiving, it’s fundamental for motorists to follow traffic rules. You shouldn’t be driving if you regularly break these rules. If you’re intentionally speeding or driving under the influence, the insurance company has the right to reject your claim. Read your insurance contract carefully or contact your agent for clarification, this will also reflect in your driving record.

Anything not specified

Are you claiming insurance for something that’s not covered? If so, then that’s an obvious ground for rejection. This can be easily avoided by knowing the limitations of your coverage. Another way to make sure you have more ground for claims is to get comprehensive auto insurance policies.

Keep in mind

If you have an impeccable driving record, don’t let it go to waste by committing avoidable mistakes. Failure to claim insurance is more on the part of the motorist. In the event that it’s not, you should have a talk with your provider to clear things out. Drive safely and double-check your insurance contract to avoid confusion and conflicts.

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